Characters bolt

Bolt doesn't have a Foopet because he's a super dog and already has powers


Bolt in the movie trying to save Cupcake from villians

Bolt is really fun loving. But when it's time to get serious, he's serious. When it's not time to get serious, he's a fun loving puppy the whole family will love. You may think Bolt's owned by Trainer-Victoria, he's clearly not. He lives by himself. Victoria gave him a collar to make people think he has an owner. With Bolt's super speed you can't even see him!


Bolt had 102 battles and won all of them. His Super Charge makes him stronger. His dream is to be happy and free. Sometimes, he goes easy on his opponent who says so, because he doesn't want to hurt them. He wins easyily.


Loyal, kind, strong, bold, fun-loving, helpful.

Frist ShownEdit

Battle Showdown






Dash Combo

Strong Combo

Ground Pound

Super Bark


Zoom Zoom

Super Jump

Super Charge

Laser Eyes

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