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Cookie is friends with Dasiydog. She messed up her items and pillows in: Foopet troble (Part 1 and Part 2) but she always loved her. She's a bit over pretective. She is a pokey german shepherd.

Welcome to the Foopets adventures in Foovillage WikiEdit

I'm making this show called:Foopets adventures in Foovillage. You type in the character, and play games. You can chat, too. It's sota like replacing Pokemon (It's kinda like Pokemon) The rules are: 1.Be kind. 2.No cyberbugging (bullying) at all! 3.Ask questions about that person. 4.If you see bugging (bullying)report them. 5.HAVE FUN! ________________________________________ You can edit and add pages. (LOL) The show will start in a few days or years or months. You'll love the show. The games are:Cookie garders, Bulldog runway, Sliver Bell all the way, Objection, Yarn barn, Dog pile, cat attack, and husky rescue.

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Here you could play games and look at characters here. If you look at Cookie, it will say: Cookie is best friends with Dasiydog. She is REALLY over protective.

Hey Remsie! Hey Rozzy! its me tee xDEdit

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