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Teegan is a cute, loveable, adventuous german shepherd pup who always dreams of being a worrior

Teegan is a female german shepherd. She wants to be a warrior. She's 3 months old. She doesn't have a Foopet because she is one. She always bothers Remsie because she always have something to say and she wants to lern about battling


She had 54 battles and won 30 of them and lose the rest. Most people say that she's a strong pup. When she was getting bullyed with one attack she knocked the bully and his Calico out. DasiyDog2 almost lost, but with Darkness Pokey Shot she was finish.


A fun loving pup but always casing mistiff. Always acts like a strong warrior and ask warrior cats questions about being a warrior. The cats are pretty anoyyed by her beause she does it everyday. She talks a lot and people say she's cute.

Frist ShownEdit

Battle ShowDown